Doom Stone

Element: Earth

Movement: Spin

Slogan: "Another Smash Hit!"

First Appearance: Swap Force

Doom Stone Figures & Stats
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Doom Stone Soul Gem
Doom StoneDoom Stone


Doom Stone was carved from the strongest and purest stone in Skylands, then magically brought to life by a wizard who was rather lazy and wanted someone strong to carry heavy things and perform other tasks around his castle. Doom Stone happily helped, and in his spare time learned the ancient ways of Stone Fighting should he ever need to protect the wizard, who became like a father to him. Sure enough the need arose when the wizard was kidnapped by his evil twin brother in order to steal his spells for himself. Doom Stone wasted no time in using the skills he learned to save his master. Afterward, the wizard knew Doom Stone had a greater calling and introduced him to Master Eon, who made him a Skylander

Basic Abilities

Column Club - Press Attack 1 to swing club at enemies

Stoney Spin - Press Attack 2 to charge and attack enemies with stone belt. Damages increases as belt is charged

Console Stats

Maximum Health: 280
Speed: 35
Armor: 30
Critical Hit: 6
Elemental Power: 25


Upgrades - Body

Living Statue

Cost: 300

Hold Attack 3 to block attack and turn enemies to stone

Reject and Reflect

Cost: 800

Hold Attack 3 to block projectiles and bounce them back at enemies

Column Duty

Cost: 1000

Hold Attack 1 to charge club, release to cause more damage

Upgrades - Legs

Spin Right Around

Cost: 300

Hold Attack 2 to charge spin belt, release to bounce between enemies and damage them

Revolutionary Belt

Cost: 800

Spin attack does more damage

Speedy Spinner

Cost: 1000

Speed is increased as belt speed increases

Upgrade Paths - Body

Column Clubber Path

Falling to Pieces

Cost: 1500

Hold Attack 1 to charge club, release to smash club into small peices that damages enemies in a larger area


Club Doom

Cost: 2000

Longer charging means more damage in larger area


Jaded Fighter Path

Cracking Up

Cost: 1500

Enenies turned to stone explode and damage other enemies


More Doric Warfare

Cost: 2000

Blocking attacks causes more damage to attackers


Body Upgrade Path Poll


Upgrade Path - Legs

Serius Spinner Path

The Harder They Fall

Cost: 1500

When bouncing between enemies, the last enemy hit flies into the air and receives damage when they hit the ground


Spinball King

Cost: 2000

Spin and bounce attack does increased damage

Carved Belt Path

Jaded Spin

Cost: 1500

Shoot Jade protectiles when spinning


Belt Pelters

Cost: 2000

Jade projectiles do increased damage

Legs Upgrade Path Poll


Soul Gems

Body Soul Gem

Stoney Stare

Cost: 3500

Blocked attacks causes snakes on shield to come alive and attack enemies

Location: Kaos' Fortress (Skylanders: Swap Force)

Legs Soul Gem

Spin the Tables

Cost: 3500

During 4th spin, enemies in larger area are damaged

Location: Kaos' Fortress (Skylanders: Swap Force)

Figures & Stats

Doom Stone FigureDoom Stone Figure   Doom Stone Power StatsDoom Stone Power Stats






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